Courses starting 1 April 2011

SDC development process starts 15 Dec 2010

Lords institute of management studies, Ahmedabad & Indore sign up as Skill Development Centre with EduSmart India.

Edusmart India is an emerging Domain specific, Skill development institute which is focused with the requirements of the industries. We are a truly professional training institute that focuses on creating Industry ready Professionals. With the growing personalized needs of the industry, talent hunt can be a great problem as industries these days look for mostly domain specialized professionals. This is where we step in and make the difference by creating just what the industry's hunt for.
"Rediscover & power yourself with EduSmart India".
Edusmart India will not only turn you into a career professional but also give you the added advantage to face challenges and move ahead. We will align you with the needs of the industry.
In an age when relationships between individuals and organizations are getting more and more complex, it is not enough to only have a degree. Being good at number crunching and scoring high marks in subjects are not the only criteria for success in professional or personal life. Till the last century people were only looking for training man power in certain skills. Now with the advancement of technology, telecommunications, video & allied infrastructure, there is a need to inculcate super specialization skills.
Domain specific knowledge would assure you of a consistent, thorough and in depth knowledge of your field. An expert is a person who has learned to solve problems or answer questions relating to a particular "problem solving domain" or area of expertise. Much problem solving involves domain-specific knowledge. That is knowledge relevant to a certain domain that is an environment or situation or class of problems. Domain-specific knowledge is what makes an expert an expert. We at Edusmart India, impart students with tertiary education, value's, belief's, attitude's, knowledge, skills, power of communication and much more so that they can deal with different situations responsibly, assiduously and meticulously.
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